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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Life of a Blogger - If I Could Live Anywhere

Life of a Blogger is a new meme hosted by Novel Heartbeat.  The point is to talk about non-book related things so that our readers get to know us better.  A new topic is posted each week.  Sounds like fun to me!

This week's topic: If you could live anywhere?

Okay, well, this is a ridiculously difficult question for me to answer.  Honestly, I haven't been to very many places yet.  Haven't even been outside of North America.  So, it's hard to know where I would want to live out of anywhere in the world when I have only visited a select few!

Choosing from the places I've been, I think I would have to say Las Vegas.  I know, a lot of you are probably wondering why this is.  I mean, Vegas is a great and fun place to visit on a vacation, but not really to live.  That's what I assume most people would think anyway, since it's such a touristy city and all.

But, my husband and I love to play poker in our spare time and with friends and whatnot.  Vegas is booming with poker, obviously because of the many casinos.  They have daily poker tournaments all the time at all the casinos on the strip!  Not to mention the WSOP (World Series of Poker) in June and July and all the other series of tournaments that happen around the same time.  It would just be so awesome to have that much opportunity to play poker.  Our little casino only has tournaments 2 or 3 times a week, and with no variety.  It's almost always Hold'em and it's always the same buy-in.  I would love to live in a city that is thriving with poker in so many variations.  Plus, the weather is awesome too!

Having said that, I would love to go overseas someday (soon!) and my place to live of choice could (and probably will) change in the future.  But, for now, that's what it is.  Vegas baby!  Too bad it's so freakin' hard to get citizenship in the US...

I also think that New York would be a fantastic place to live.  I have never been there YET.  But with all the big book publishing houses and stuff, maybe I could actually get a job as an in-house editor (instead of just my freelance).  Again, though, the impossible citizenship thing...

Where would you love to live if you could live anywhere??

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  1. I didn't even think of Vegas! I've never been there before but I would to go :)

  2. I was told Vegas is very very VERY hot, so I'm not sure I'd enjoy it that much... And I'd probably lose all my money at the casinos.. hehe

  3. Well I'm not old enough for poker :D
    And I would totally DIE in that heat. I might consider Hawaii or some parts of Texas. Or a few years in New Orleans. But a forever home? I'm sticking to Cali (:

  4. I love visiting Vegas, but I'm not sure I'd want to live there! I have a colleague who lived there for several years, and she loved it. She misses it like crazy. I bet it's a fun place to live, just too many people there for me.

  5. Funny this should come up since I am heading to Vegas in a few days LOL! I love Vegas too but unsure if that is a place where I would chose to live. I can see why you would pick Vegas - you love poker - so that is an ideal place for you! I need to explore the world some more too but for now, based on the places I actually have visited, I would have to say (if it weren't so expensive) somewhere in California. I love it - at least what I've experienced so far - lovely weather, ideal for outdoor concerts, lots of great beaches, and of course, star spotting when in LA - that's fun too! I will enjoy Vegas for you on my little holiday! ;)

  6. I've never been to Vegas, but I definitely want to someday! I'd love to visit places outside of the US, too. I've not traveled very far from home, just along the East Coast =/


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